Ugh, last night was the worst. I don’t feel like changing my handle, so it’s staying. It wouldn’t matter anyway, because the link that I sent to Christian Guy (for a video) had my response to the video on it and so no matter what I changed my handle to, the link he had would have reflected the name change. And I’m NOT deleting this blog because some guy decided to be a super creeper and comb through all the responses on that post in order to find me.

I really shouldn’t be so affected by this, but I am. It’s my own fault, I’m usually really careful with my tumblr and people in real life - my sister doesn’t even know my real handle. That said, he didn’t have to be a creeper and stalk my blog and then get upset when he didn’t like what he read.

  1. ladyfabulous said: I’m sorry you have to deal with this, but it’s all on him. I feel like, if he respected your privacy he wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble, and because he did it’s all on him. He should own his own shit.
  2. cunt--goddess said: what the ever-lucking fuck?? what is this dude’s problem? he needs to fuck off.
  3. tehjennismightier said: I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, but this due is obviously a boundary-breaker, so if he gets his fee-fees hurt, then GOOD. This is not on you to fix AT ALL.
  4. cannelledusoleil said: It’s not your fault. A normal person wouldn’t’ve taken the time and effort to figure out your username based on a link to someone else’s blog. It’s not your fault for acting based on what decent humans being would do. You couldn’t’ve predicted this.
  5. bowiecadmium said: Your last sentence hit the nail on the head. It was on him and you are NOT responsible for his feelings. He went down the rabbit hole, it’s his mad tea party, not yours.
  6. elizabitchcadyrantin said: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what happened???
  7. brainstatic said: Oh man, I’m sorry. I don’t suppose asking him to respect your privacy would do any good?
  8. angryangelagain said: What the SHIT.
  9. theporkchopadventures said: It’s a tough call. I wouldn’t delete my tumblr either if I were you. I understand how it affects you though. Hugs, BB.
  10. ro-s-a-spark-s said: Fuck ‘em. You’ll be ok. And he is a turd. If it gets outta hand, I can help you with how to switch things up.
  11. alfa-limalimon said: :-/ i’m sorry.
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