tw: weight

I’m going out on a date tonight with a new guy - he’s a Red Wings Fan! Anyway, Red Wings Fan and I are going to sushi at my favorite sushi place. I’m excited for the date, but I’m slightly nervous because I have been getting down on myself hard lately due to my weight gain. Plus, of course I’ve gotten a few emails recently from guys that blurt out shit like they aren’t sure they want to date me because of my weight or will email me to tell me they won’t date me because I’m too fat for them, but they just had to let me know that I have a nice smile! Shithead. I should have screencapped that one, but I couldn’t delete it fast enough. 

Anyway, I just need to get through this date and not think about that. Easier said than done.

  1. ladyfabulous said: You are fucking gorgeous and if dude’s can’t get past their issues to see that it’s their loss. Push all those fuckers into a pit.
  2. paolaandfrancesca said: Fuck those guys. You’re gorgeous and too good for them.
  3. bajo-el-mar said: Red Wings fan!!!
  4. queenieinmanhattan said: I want to punch those insecure, asshole douchebags in the face SO HARD right now. So hard.
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