The most important poll you’ll ever partake in, ever

So a 5 Guys just moved in down the street from me.  GET THIS: They had the gall to move in right next door to an In-N-Out.  Because I was scared to part with my precious, precious money, I decided to stick with In-N-Out, but what I really want to know is:

For those of you that have had both In-N-Out AND Five Guys, WHICH ONE IS BETTER???

  1. bvsed-child answered: dirty sanchez
  2. bebettertoyourself answered: I work at five guys, and honestly, I don’t like the fries unless you tell them to cook them “well done” or extra crispy. :)
  3. mandatory-party answered: Aw man, I wish there was a 5 Guys here. I’ve never had in-n-out but 5 Guys has delicious burgers AND fries.
  4. leesieakaonemuse answered: I LURVE the Cinco Hombres.
  5. ornamentedembellished answered: I think they’re different enough to not be worth comparing. But I’m an equal opportunity burger eater. In-N-Out may win because it’s cheaper.
  6. axiothea answered: Now that they’re out here I need to try 5 Guys! Our friend in VA wouldn’t let us last time we were out there.
  7. alfa-limalimon answered: In n out is SO much better and it’s cheaper too. 5 Guys is massively overpriced.
  8. thisismymonkey answered: Five Guys. I think I’m going to be the only person who says this.
  9. drcatsandscience answered: I’ve never had In-N-Out, but Five Guys has FANTASTIC FRIES
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